Things to Expect From Your Agent When Searching for Your Dream Home

  • Dana Cruz
  • 10/8/20
Hello Friend, Buying a home isn’t always a straight line from searching to making an offer to acceptance and finally, to closing. Of course, sometimes it happens that way, but when you’re in a competitive buyer’s market (as we are right now), the process can take a lot of detours and become pretty frustrating. I’ve found that when things get frustrating, it’s best to stay the course, remain laser-focused on your goals, and keep an open mind.
While there are many things you can do to position yourself well in a competitive market (make sure your financials are in order, get pre-qualified, etc.), the most important thing you can do to cut through all the noise and frustration is to have someone on your side who will be your advocate. Your biggest champion. Someone who’s willing to fight as hard and as tirelessly as you to help get the house you desire. This is what I do best. I’m on your side from day one and I’m ready to work for you no matter how frustrating the process becomes.
As an experienced realtor, my strength lies beyond simply knowing the market really well. My strength lies in knowing how to leverage that market knowledge and industry expertise in ways that best serve your individual home buying wishes, desires, and goals. That’s why the first thing I do is learn as much as I can about you. What’s your vision? What’s your endgame? What kind of home and lifestyle do you envision? What’s most important to you? Armed with this personal information, I become your informed, trusted partner and ally who will always have your best interests as my highest priority.
For sure, it’s easy to get discouraged sometimes when you’re in the market for your next home. Especially in a competitive market where things may not be happening as quickly as you’d like. That’s ok. Be patient. Stay the course. And keep an open mind because, working together, I know the right home is out there just waiting for you.
With much gratitude,

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