Do You Trust Me?

  • Dana Cruz
  • 01/27/21

Have you ever done a trust fall? It’s usually something organizations do as a sort of team-building exercise. With your back to your partner, you’re supposed to stand straight and tall and then fall back into the (hopefully) waiting arms of your partner, who you trust will save you from a potentially embarrassing and painful splat on the floor. The hope is that if your co-worker literally has your back in this exercise, they will also figuratively have your back to help you through stressful times.
Usually, the catcher tries to reassure the other person to make them less nervous.
They might say something like, don’t worry, I’ve got you.
Or, I won’t let you fall, you can trust me!
Exercises like this are fun. They aren’t a magic bullet for building trust, but I think they’re a good first step because communication is central to building trust. Without it, there’s always that undercurrent of uncertainty and worry and will this person let me fall?
Choosing a realtor is somewhat of an exercise in trust, too. You want someone with the strong market knowledge and good negotiation skills to fight for your best interests. But at the end of the day, with all the twists and turns that happen when you’re buying or selling a home (just check out my latest Instagram post below), the relationship between realtor and client — between you and me — all comes down to trust. And that begins with great communication.
For nearly 20 years, people have trusted me to handle what is often a very personal transaction and certainly one of the biggest investments of their life. I don’t take that responsibility lightly. As a professional realtor, I know that good communication is the foundation of trust and it is by far the most important skill in my toolbox.
Great realtors do two things better than their competitors: First, they provide expert knowledge of the market, industry trends, throughout the entire home buying and selling process. And, second, they do it in a way that mitigates anxiety and fosters trust, reassurance, and peace of mind for every client.
My job is to help you buy or sell your home, but my purpose and passion are to make the whole process as smooth and stress-free as possible. And that can only happen through good communication, trust, and the assurance that I’ve got your back.
With much gratitude,

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